Olds Piccolo

The Story of Olds instruments really begins in 1908 in California, with a trombone and a trombonist. F. E. Olds had long been interested in trying to improve his favorite instrument. So, in his home workshop, he began the careful and tedious hand work that soon began turning out the finest trombones the world had ever seen – instruments that attracted world wide attention and established him as the superior trombone craftsman of his day.

The growing Olds company specialized only in trombones until the founder’s son, R. B. Olds, joined his father. The younger Olds knew his father’s genius should not be restricted to a single instrument, so soon thereafter, valve instruments bearing the illustrious Olds signature began to appear in the hands of the most famous artists of the day. As these artists began returning from California playing their remarkably superior instruments, the name Olds began to spread. And with fame came growth.

Today, Olds instruments are produced in the most modern manufacturing and research facilities. Every instrument is subjected to the most minute quality control inspection – to make sure that each is fully responsive to every musical requirement and fully worthy of the Olds signature. After years of intense research and development, the exciting new Olds band instruments emerge engineered to meet today’s evermore challenging performance needs. These new Olds instruments possess superb playing ease as well as an extraordinary built-in sturdiness to withstand the most rugged use.

Make the best better is the F. E. Olds tradition. That is why research is continuous – research that is constantly seeking better ways to make better instruments.

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Olds Piccolo NPC 115

The player looking for durability, playability and the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor use will have all of the above and more with the NPC115. Its high impact ABS plastic body protects you from the elements, while its silver plated key mechanism provides ease of play and great response. The silver-plated headjoint with lip plate makes the transition from flute to piccolo more comfortable. Minimal maintenance required.
$875.00 $609.00